Owners Area

If you are:

  • A homeowner, who wish to rent, renovate or put on sale your property;
  • A landowner with an approved planning permisson or an already existing building located in an exclusive location;
  • Owners of the above who wish to sell or swapped your property to suit your needs;
  • Owners of suitable land for the construction of photovoltaic and wind power, free from mortgage liens or encumbrances of any kind, and not far from ENEL network;

If you intend to sell your entire property or just a part of it, please contact us.

Project Designers Area

f you are a project designer looking for investors, have identified suitable areas for construction of photovoltaic and/or eolian parks, therefore have already begun to develop projects and performing the ritual practices from municipalities, provinces and regions, such as DIA / AU, STMG / STMD / STD / TICA etc…

we are ready to support you and take charge of your projects in order to undergo a rapid due diligence and submitting it to the attention of our many international and national investors.

E.P.C. Area

Aniello Consulting is always looking for EPC worldwide leading importance, we are open to collaborations at 360°, therefore an implementation by the EPC, which we have carefully chosen from our authorized projects sold to our partners, as well to our national and international investors.

In the event that the EPC has approved and authorized an already completed project with a success performance of the technical/legal due diligence, and wants to implement the project, we could put together a turnkey package to submit it to our investors.