"The winner always finds a way ...
... The loser always an excuse"


Who we are

Consultancy and internationalization company, young, dynamic and with a strong propensity for “problem solving”.

Aniello Consulting interventions are aimed at companies of all sizes and also includes training activities aimed at concretely transmitting know-how, method and operational procedures for an approach to the optimal destination area.

Growing importance are the partnerships created and in continuous evolution entertained by Aniello Consulting, which allow today to offer certainties and guarantees on the opening and / or consolidation of foreign markets to your partner.

What do we do

Operational advice: Documental, technical and financial analysis, verification of the requirements and identification of objectives that can be achieved with our support.

Strategy: Shared operational strategy, strategic objectives planning, preparation of documentation necessary to participate in “standard” tenders.

Internationalization: Start work, identify concrete possibilities offered by the chosen market, tender invitations. Awarding of orders, corporate reorganization, branch or new-co opening, opening of current branch account, on-site logistics to allow the start of work in the country where the new contract was awarded.


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