Who we are

For us to put our face is fundamental !!

We don’t need to convince our partners to buy services, because we at Aniello Consulting do not sell services.

We are looking for serious, reliable partners with the desire to achieve the goals set, just like us.

We select and choose our partners as well as our partners select and choose us.

We are aware of the fact that union is strength !!

Our key figures

Fabrizio Aniello

CEO and Founder

Born in 1978, by the knight of labor Giuseppe and Giovanna, two established entrepreneurs. He lives a serene childhood and adolescence devoting himself to studies and sport. In 1997 he graduated as surveyor, to date he is graduating in communication sciences, marketing (thesis), at the Popular University of Milan. He began as a child, in his spare time and during vacation periods, to learn with passion the various workings on construction sites carried out by family businesses, frequenting them assiduously with his father, Cav. Joseph. Following the family business (companies operating in both public and private construction) up to the year 2007 supported by the founder, at the same time it manages discos in the province of Latina and organizes events. Since 2008, he leaves the organization of events and the management of premises and with the blessing of the family, he begins a new training course in the renewable energy sector, with a focus on photovoltaics, following multiple technical and commercial courses. At the same time he dedicated himself to technical courses for the in-depth study of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), becoming a speaker and trainer and devoting himself with great passion to teaching body language and sales techniques in specific fields (Photovoltaic Plants), coordinating and managing sales structures. impressive in the Italian national territory. In 2010 the first important orders in the new sector (renewable), signed consultancy contracts, turnkey design and construction of photovoltaic systems on roofs, land and agricultural greenhouses, taking care of the investments of its customers (investment funds) with excellent results . In 2013, when he felt the end of the renewable sector due to the blocking of state incentives, which then took place in 2014, he began to plan for the future return to the origins, construction. Given the moment not very happy in economic and financial terms in the Italian national territory, with very little opportunity for growth and acquisitions of new orders and strong in its intuition and flair for the business but above all strong in the know-how of two generations of building contractors, he thinks, believes and plans to extend his interests to foreign countries. This is how the new project was born, the new challenge: “Internationalization”. It is already under exploration in 2013, and slowly begins a new path, it carries out for third parties works for the construction of infrastructures, canalizations (water and sewer lines) and thermal rehabilitation of many buildings in public housing and road rehabilitation in Romania, completing thus the start-up phase of the internationalization of the group. At the end of 2016, it sells the ACN General Contractor group and related branches to Tedeschi customers and is completely dedicated to ACN Contract Srl. Since 2010 it has been dealing with foreign markets and internationalization. His motto is: “the winner always finds a way, the loser always an excuse”.

Lidia Paraschiv

Country Manager

Born in October 1982 in Bucharest, she lived her childhood and adolescence dedicating herself to education and professional training, earning in 2006 a degree in Economics and Commerce. After obtaining the degree, he accumulated many work experiences in the commercial field, always as an export manager, in various sectors. In 2008, he took the decision to set up his own import-export company that still operates today between Italy and Romania, getting involved, improving and improving its business on a daily basis.

Emanuele Pellecchia


He was born in Formia on 11/29/1988 He lived his childhood peacefully devoting himself to studies, until he reached the classical maturity. In 2007 he entered the world of work and began to train following NLP courses applied to sales. He gained work experience as a consultant in the Kirby Company, in the ACN telecommunications company until 2009, since January 2009 in fact he is attracted by the world of renewable energy, first as a consultant at the MTS energia company and then joins Aniello Consulting, passionate about the sector, is formed and obtains a master’s degree from the University of Cassino, specializing in renewable energy. In 2012 he obtained in the Lazio Region the provinces of FR-LT as a consultant on behalf of the Matrix Spa Telecom Group Italy. In 2013 he opened and started his first restaurant and lounge bar activity in Cassino (FR), in 2014 he opened two more and started them. To date he is fully committed to the ACN Contract Srl case.

Giacomo De Iorio

Technical director

As part of his over twenty-year professional experience, in addition to the management of construction sites, in the supervision of the works being realized, a peculiar aptitude and competence in relations with public bodies and private commissions, both for the acquisition of job orders and both for the signing of contract and subcontract contracts including the management of any reserves and disputes. From 1990 to 1999 he worked as Head of Construction at the Di Bona Costruzioni Real Estate Group in Venafro (IS), then as technical and accounting director of the construction site for the company Global Impresit, GECOS.p.A. From 2006 to 2012 he is an accountant, R.S.P.P project manager for large building sites and infrastructure works. From 2018 to today he is the contract manager for ACN Contract.